Thursday, 20 June 2013

Again with the Fecking TV

Evening all or should that be night???

I am really getting fed up of having the tv in the bedroom.  When I bought my first house many many years ago I had a tv in the bedroom.  Part of this reason was because I wanted lodgers so I wanted to escape to my room and watch what I wanted if they were watching something else.  That was fine, rarely used.  But now hubby keeps putting the tv on, but its ok for him as he gets a 2 hour nap in the evening plus he gets up later than me so he is fine.  I, however, cant nap as I wont sleep at night and will feel even worse!  Might have to take the fuse out of the plug..... lol

B - crispbread with lots of butter on
L - piri piri chicken with salad and cheese
T - weight watchers sausages and salad (did not like these too much so wont be buying again)

Drinks - lots of cups of tea

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok but can feel my chest getting tight from all the dust from today

House is still chaotic.  Problems are causing delays (electrics) and my moans about tiles not being straight are probably not helping but if I am not happy then I am going to say something.  Tomorrows moans are the tile I told them about today is still not straight and the brand new bath tap is dripping!  Bet they will be glad when this job is over!!! lol

Sal x

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