Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Not Quite An Early Night...

Evening all

I didn't get my early night last night as we watched a film.  And then hubby decided to watch tv in bed.  I do not like the tv in the bedroom as when I want to sleep, he wants the tv on!  Ah well, maybe today I will get an early night.  I can but hope.

B - crisp bread with cottage cheese on
L - cottage cheese and salad, not much as I didn't get home until late
T - pork with salad

Drinks - not much again as I was out all day but have had a few cups of tea

Asthma - ok but am now worried about tonight as plastering was done today

Joints - ok

I got lucky today.  Picked up 6 packs of cheese for £1.15 each whoopsied and they went through the till BOGOF.  Was well chuffed, I went back and got more, got some for my mate who I then found in the shop to give to and told the ladies by the whoopsies that the cheese was BOGOF so they cleared the shelf!!!!  :D  Will be making cheese straws for the kids for the weekend :D

Have a good evening

Sal x

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