Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thats my yearly exercise done ;-)

Evening all

I am aching today.  Decided to cut the grass as we may want a bbq at weekend so today was the perfect day to cut grass and tomorrow I can do some strimming and steam clean the bbq.  That was the plan, woke up to wet grass but never mind I thought, I can still cut it.  Then I managed to bend the lawnmower blade :o so off to b&q to get another one.  Finally I finished.  Then a quick bath and hair wash and up the school to see DD in her class assembly.  Phew, what a morning, I am now aching a bit and I know by tomorrow that will be a lot. 

B - bacon, eggs and fried toms
L - yogurt
T - turkey steak stuffed with garlic and herb philly wrapped in bacon (bacon overload today)

Drinks - tea, water and I am having a cidre as my reward for my hard work today

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok surprisingly, even though I have been taken my pills and nose spray, I did still think cutting the grass would aggravate it.  Must be working, time to make an appointment and get them on repeat I think.

Exciting day for me tomorrow (not really), I have to go into school and watch them count out the votes for parent governors.  I am not too worried if I am no longer a governor, I will just go into school to complain if I disagree with anything. lol

Have a good evening.

Sal x

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