Monday, 17 June 2013

Ooooppppssssss Forgot to Set Alarm!

Evening all

No exercise today as I forgot to set my alarm last night.  Although I am quite relieved as I feel like I needed that extra 30 minutes.  I have been rushing around shopping though! lol

B - crisp bread with butter on
L - leftover pork and salad
T - Chinese pork chops with salad

Drinks - a few cups of tea and pint water

Asthma - ok today, probably because I have been out all day

Joints - ok

Got tiles in the bathroom now, not all of them but tomorrow they should be finished tiling.  :D  House still a state though :(

Got 2 melons today for 20p each.  They are small so I think 1/2 of one will be breakfast tomorrow.  Make a nice change from crisp bread.

Wonder if I will get up tomorrow. :D

Sal x

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