Friday, 7 June 2013

Mmmmmm BBQ

Evening all, or should that be morning?????????

I visited the local farm shop today and got quite a lot of meat for our BBQ.  The belly pork was so nice, I am going back tomorrow :D

B - ryvita with butter on
L - little bit of cheese
T - bbq so I had, sweet chilli prawns, sweet chilli chicken, Chinese chicken, steak, bbq belly pork and a bit of salad.  and it was gert lush! :D

Drinks - tea, water and wine

Joints - my wrists are aching but I did clean bbq earlier and I think that might be why

Asthma - all ok

I am going back to farm shop tomorrow for more belly pork,  for the bbq tomorrow if the weather stays nice.  we still have loads of meat but do need a few kids burgers as well.  I love bbq's as after the initial 'why don't you want a burger in a roll' it gets nice with lots of meat. :D

Sal x

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