Sunday, 10 November 2013

Burnt Crackling :(

Evening all

Don't think I have stopped today.  Took the kids to rugby but got there late so missed the away game, need to find out why they are not texting me the fixtures.  So instead we had a huge breakfast and the kids played on the ps3.  I have spent the afternoon prepping/blanching veggies and freezing them. Am quite pleased with myself, I froze the onions on a tray and then put in a bag so not all frozen together, easy to grab a handful when needed rather than bash them on the side to get a huge chunk. 

And I have now got another freezer. My friend told me it was for sale so I went straight away and collected it, the lovely man put it in the car and hubby took it out of the car so I think I managed quite well ;-)  Its a small old and tatty chest freezer but it was cheap and does the job and it means I can go to the out of town butchers and buy a shed (freezer) load of meat.  I cant wait.  I want to go this week but I am working 3 mornings (hopefully 4) and tomorrow my only full day off I want to get he majority of the painting done in the living room.

Brunch - sausages, bacon, tinned toms and a onion, pepper and cheese omelette
T - pork roast with carrots, small bit of parsnip, sprouts and cabbage

Tea was lovely except for the crackling.  I do like pork but I only actually cook it for the crackling so was devastated that I burnt it.  It was my own fault, it was not crispy from cooking in the oven so I put it under the grill and forgot about it.  I should have left it in the oven for a bit longer! Lesson learnt!

I popped to Lidl today to get the pork chops as no rugby.  I got there 10 minutes after opening and it was all gone!  Shocking!  Never mind! Got fruit, salad, sausages (for breakfast), milk and marg and spent £8.  My budget near the end of week 1 is £33/£150.  A huge portion of my budget will be going on meat when I go shopping so I am going to try to only buy bread this week.  I should have enough salad for 3 days and then do something with veg on Thursday and shopping Friday.  will see what happens, you may have noticed, my life doesn't go according to plan very often ;-)

Have a good evening.

Sal x

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