Sunday, 3 November 2013

Something Is Not Right......................

Evening all

So, nearly 4 weeks ago I started my £150 to feed my family of 5 healthy for 4 weeks.  I expected to live the last week struggling to find stuff with my cupboards almost bare!  The reality is my freezer is full, my cupboards are full and my fridge is full :o  It feels wrong somehow that I have this much food with so little spent.  But it just goes to show what careful planning can do (and getting lucky with whoopsies and friends giving me stuff)

Anyway, popped to Asda today, no whoopsies, they were all gone, got salad, milk, bread, cheese, ham and marg so spent £10.  Bringing my budget to £145/£150.  I have tomorrow left to spend £5 or not as the case may be, I really don't think I need anything.

So I will, of course, be doing it again starting Tuesday but this time visiting a butchers (I hope) rather than Farm Foods and see how that goes.

Sal x

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