Friday, 8 November 2013


Evening all

So, in answer to yesterday's ponderings, YES you do burn more calories when scared/nervous.  But not significantly more, you would have to be scared all day to make a difference.  Ok, so every time I think I see something move I think its a giant spider ready to eat me, wonder if that has made a difference to my calorie burning today :P 

B - ham, tomato and cheese omelette
L - pork stir fry
T - pizza omelette

Another shop today, bought bacon, veg, crisps, bread and beans.  Spent around £15.  Budget £25/£150.  Might pop to lidl tomorrow for the half price pork and may pop to co-op for a few shopitize cashback items.  Or I might just paint all day and not spend any money lol

Sal x

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