Saturday, 9 November 2013

Good Effort but Gave Up on the Lettuce

Evening all

I think I am buying the wrong lettuce. I have an iceberg at the moment and could I use it for my fajitas, could I 'eck!  I tried and tried, and ended up shredding the lettuce and putting the fajita filling on top :D  Tasted lovely! :D

Brunch - 3 rashers of bacon with a cheese, onion and pepper omelette
T - fajita filling with salad

Some good news, I lost 2lb this week, think its was the scary film lol  Only 7lbs to go to what I want to get to.  I know its taking a while to get here but I also know if I cut out the higher carb food ie peas, onion etc I know I could lose it quicker.  But as I am enjoying my food I don't want to cut back.  Maybe watch more scary films........

Have a great Saturday.

Sal x

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