Friday, 1 November 2013

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk Its a Witch

Evening all

So yesterday was sort of a low carb day.  I had bacon with cheese, tomato and pepper omelette, very nice.  But then I ended up having a few sweets at the 2 Halloween parties I went to.  And then my sister got Chinese :o  But I did just have the chicken in a veg sauce, was a bit spicy.  Very nice though.  Could have been a lot worse, I could have had chips and more sweets ;-)

Back on it today properly.  Bacon with omelette again today late morning and not decided what to have for tea.  Probably mince.

Hubby is away and my eldest son also went away today with youth club so let the other 2 kids choose what they wanted for tea (chicken nuggets, chips and peas) so I will do mine later.  With those 2 away it also means there is bacon left.  Oh no, more for me ;-)

In case anyone wants a peek, this is me dressed up for Halloween. (Please ignore state of carpet and walls - that is next weeks job)

Have a great Friday night.
Sal x

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