Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Frozen Breakfast :o


Thought I would try berries and squirty cream for breakfast today.  I forgot (there's a surprise) to take the berries out of freezer last night so they were frozen!  Were nice but still frozen.  Must remember to defrost them next time.

B - frozen berries with squirty cream
L - didn't have time
T - spicy ribs with salad

Bought bread today for £1 and maltesers for hubby to cheer him up for another £1 so budget now at the start of week 2 £35/£150.  Not intending to go shopping until Friday and thanks to my lovely friend I now have eggs, cabbage, sprouts, kale and parsnips.  So maybe on Thursday instead of spag bol I might make stuffed cabbage but stuff it with bolognaise rather than taco mince.  Serve it with veg and pots for the kids and I still have some rabi stuff that I could make 'pretend' potatoes for me.  I could even make this tomorrow as I really want it now!!!! lol

Sal x

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