Monday, 12 November 2012

Busy Day Doing Not a Lot lol

Evening all

Late now, had a busy day today, worked and then didnt seem to do much but was busy not doing much if that makes sense.  I have cleaned and checked out offers and got a few more xmas presents, but thats about it.

B - almonds
L - leftover pork, cheese with salad and mayo
T - mince and veg mix with salad

Snacks - none

Drinks - tea and squash

Exercise - non

Joints - clicky but ok

Asthma - ok

Am so tired today, its so very very late.  But I do feel I have got somewhere with my Christmas shopping.  Got bits for family.  Like I say every year, next year I will be more organised! lol

Night night all

Sal x

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