Thursday, 15 November 2012

Can I use the Work Excuse??????


Ok, 2 days, I know!  But I am still struggling with time.  Even hubby did the hoovering! :o  And I only work mornings.  Imagine if I worked full time!

So for Wednesday

B - pork and cheese in mayo (not something i would have again, lovely for lunch but not breakfast)
L - ham and salad
T - mince and veg with salad

Snacks - none

exercise - about an hours walk

Drinks - tea and water

Joints - clicking

asthma - fine

and today

B - nothing - too much of rush to get kids to school and me home for lift to work
L - nothing - by time i finished work, walked off some anger, it was time to pick kids up
T - minted lamb chops with pea :o

Snacks - hand ful of kids sweets

drinks - tea and squash

exercise - so much walking my feel hurt.  3 school runs and into town and round town

joints - clicky

asthma - ok

I am hoping the walking has offset the sweets :D  but in my defence i did feel faint and i know it was a stupid thing to do which is why i do try to eat breakfast otherwise i do miss lunch sometimes.

Sal x

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