Sunday, 18 November 2012

Need to Make Sure I Eat


Getting into the bad habbit of skipping meals now.  I know I shouldnt and today I really had no excuse but after making the kids their pancakes, I just wanted to sit down with my cup of tea and have a quick look on line in peace.  Then because I didnt eat breakfast, I didnt want lunch which again, stupid.  But I did have a good tea.  I HAVE to have breakfast tomorrow as working and I hate working when hungry. 

B - nothing
L - nothing
T - roast chicken, broccoli, carrot, gravy and then I had a slice of hubby's pre birthday cake (dont ask!) lemon drizzle, was nice.  Tomorrow he has his actual birthday cake that is choc but will try to resist that I think, cos if I go down that road..............

Snacks - none

Exercise - none

Joints - clicky but not hurting

Asthma - ok

Watched the film last night.  Wasnt the best, but there were 4 bits that did scare me sufficiently to run to the toilet and run back.  Can I count that as exercise!!!! lol

Sal x

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