Sunday, 25 November 2012

Off Galavanting Again


Well, I have been away for the weekend at my sisters.  I was good but I did have some of my neices home made choc birthday cake (twice).  :D


B - ham and cheese omelette
L - chicken with coleslaw
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - tea, water, 3 pints of lager and too much wine


B - bacon, fried eggs and grilled tom
L - ham, cheese and salad
T - 16oz rump steak with salad and very nice it was too :D and a small slither of choc birthday cake

Drinks - tea and 2 pints lager and even more wine


B - bacon and fried eggs
L - roast beef, green beans, carrots and butternut squash and another slither of cake
T - cheese, pickled onions and a few crackers

Drinks - tea and squash.  having a cheeky glass of wine now.

Feeling quite tired.  Didnt leave my sisters until after grandprix so got home past 8pm so by the time kids ate their beans on toast and went to bed I could not be bothered to cook!

Sal x

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