Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time


Need to be quick, got to put kids to bed then do the 2 huge piles of ironing plus what is hung up on radiators :o

B - ham and cheese omelette
L - nothing, went straight from work toxmas  shopping to school run to homework, to prep tea, to dancing, to shopping, to finish tea (for hubby and 2 kids), to dancing, then daughters tea and mine and now I have just sorted out sofa to get ironing done.
T - mince and veg

Snacks - none

Drinks - 2 cups of tea and 1 pint of water

Exercise - none

Joints - ok, clicked a bit after being sat on floor all morning in work lol

Asthma - ok

I am so unbelievably busy for the rest of week.  Working mornings, afternoons running around sorting stuff, cleaning, shopping and evenings sorting presents that have to be done by weekend. 

Best get on with it then so I can sit down.

Sal x

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