Friday, 19 April 2013

Oh Good Grief

I forgot again.  What is the matter with me.  Tiredness????? but I wasnt that bad yesterday although I am now from my kazoo noise making husband!!!!!


B - greek yogurt
L - square burger with salad
T - chicken with st agur cheese melted on it with salad

Drinks - lots of cups of tea, pint of water and glass of wine

Joints and asthma - both ok


b - greek yogurt
L - cup of tea (busy day of work, shopping and then chatting at my mates house)
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - lots tea, cidre and soon a glass of wine.

Joints and asthma  - both ok

Today started rubbish but turned into a good day.  My tablet that i mainly used as a book was rubbish and sent back as it wasnt working properly, so they paid the money back and i now have a lovely pink tablet that works better.  Best get to putting some books on it and candy crush of course :p

Have a lovely evening

Sal x

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