Friday, 12 April 2013



I am undecided about today.  Am torn.  Its Friday (Yay Friday) but its also the last weekend of school holidays (Boo back to school/work on Monday).  So should I be happy its the weekend or sad.  For tonight I am going to be happy and have some wine and wait until Sunday before I worry about Monday :D

B - green yogurt
L - ham and cheese with homemade coleslaw
T - omelette pizza with homemade coleslaw (it was that nice, got some left for tomorrow as well)

Drinks - lots of cups of tea, 1 pint water and shortly to have a glass (bottle) of chardonnay :D

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

I didnt sleep last night.  I went to bed at midnight after I stopped being tired last night, I then read until about 1am and then I just lay there for a while not sleeping.  So am suitably hanging again today, luckily after shopping I took dd to charity shop and we found cranium board game for kids which had only been used once and looked new for 50p :o so kids played that this afternoon and I just kind of sat here not doing much.  I really hope the bottle (or 2 :P) of chardonnay helps and the kids sleep in tomorrow at least for a little bit.

Happy Friday Night

Sal x

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