Monday, 8 April 2013

Wine and Choccy - Its the Law

Evening all

Football is on this evening.  I do not like football but agreed years ago with hubby that when he watches football I drink wine and eat choc.  I dont always eat choc but I can if I want.  He is now moaning about me drinking wine because he cant as he is too ill.  Well, turn the football off then was my reply, he didnt so I have a nice glass of chardonnay. :D

B - greek yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - mince and veg

Drinks - endless cups of tea and 1 glass of chardonnay ;-)

Joints - ok

Asthma - bad again this afternoon but ok now  hhmmmm this is worrying, maybe I will up my inhaler for a few days and see if that helps as I really dont know what is causing it.

Not done any exercise today but I have rushed around shopping and cleaning so that must have done something??????????  Am hoping that next week when kids back at school I can start doing an early morning dog run.  Wonder if it will happen.......

Now, where's that choccy (just kidding :P)

Sal x

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