Wednesday, 30 October 2013

And on a Completely Unrelated Topic, I Finished a Room..... Sort Of......

Evening all

I have not stopped today.  When I got up a fixed the kids breakfast then took them to football training, then painted, then picked them up, lunch, cleaning, setting up the pumpkins for them to carve, more cleaning/sorting/moving stuff, finding fancy dress stuff, took ds1 to rugby, face painting the other 2 for the Halloween party, took them to party, back to watch last 1/2 hour of ds1 rugby then took him to party, home to ironing, pick kids up, food even though they ate at party and collapse.

But I did finish my dinning room.  The sort of is that we need carpet, skirting boards painted when carpet pulled up and door and frame painted when skirts done.  We need money for carpet so all that will have to wait.  We also need blinds.  And here it is, can you tell I am really chuffed with myself for doing this lol

We have the gaming area, mainly for hubby but I have set up the wii for the kids on it as well, sort of set it up, not sure where all the wires go lol

And the eating area.  The patio doors open outwards so if the chairs are pushed in we can still get past no problem.  Might change it round again in the summer, will see how it goes.  I would like red blinds that match the wall.  Will start looking around. :D

Food wise, lots of bacon, eggs, salad, ham, cheese today ;-)

Sal x

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