Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5p :o

Evening all

OMG I got lucky earlier.  I went to Asda and they were reducing the veg stuff.  All these were 5p each - raspberries (my breakfast for tomorrow), 2 bags of stir fry (frozen in half bag portions as I don't think anyone else will eat it) and 2 bags of carrots (1kg I think each).  I got bread 17p and 2 pots of coleslaw.  :D  so another £1 added to my budget £96/£150.  Wont need any more shopping until Thursday/Friday.

And its day 2 of walking.  I walked the kids to school, then walked to work (luckily I got there on time) and then walked half way home before meeting hubby.  Also walked ds2 to youth club.  Was meant to walk more but rain stopped play!

B - yogurt
L - mince and veg
T - cheese and coleslaw (not very hungry and really couldn't be bothered)

We are having sausage casserole tomorrow, half price sausages and loads of veg especially carrots ;-) and I am hoping for more walking and painting.  Need to get house sorted as its now really depressing me :(

Sal x

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