Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Challenge..............................

Evening all

So a healthy low carb diet on a budget.  Have to include potatoes for the rest of the mob and bread for them. 

The challenge is to do 4 weeks on a budget of ................................. wait for it ..........................................  £150.  Of course my cupboards and freezer already has stuff in.  But this is the plan so will give it a go.   Forgot to mention, this is to feed 5 of us :o

Todays spending:


3 x packs of meat (chicken, gammon and pork)  £10
1 x pack berries                                                      £1
3 x onion rings (my treat)                                      £2
3 x pack veg                                                           £2
3 x 18 pack bacon :D                                             £6
2 x milk                                                                 £1.60
2 x salad leaves                                                     £1.20
3 x 2 chicken things                                              £2
potato waffles (not for me obviously)                  £2
3 x pastry (again not for me lol)                           £2
marg                                                                      £1
pork scratchings                                                    £0.89
grapes                                                                    £1
tub strong spreadable cheese                                £0.79

total                                                                      £33.48

Got a 10% discount so spent £30.   :D

I have £10 in my purse and about £10 in asda apg's (and some change but that will be used for kids clubs/parking etc)

So £10 to last rest of week.   I need to get cereal for the troops on Thursday so may pick up some more veg/salad in Lidl.

Today I was also given 12 fresh eggs, a huge cabbage, bag of sprouts and a veg that I don't have a clue what it is similar to swede I think.  And a bottle of marrow and courgette wine to go with the marrow wine I am already storing for a few months.

Food for today

B - yogurt
L - cheese/relish (I know, bad but I was busy)
T - pork joint that I bought whoopsied a few days ago with the free cabbage and sprouts and carrot. 

I found a pack of beef in the freezer so tomorrow that will be turned into a casserole.  I don't have any onion so am debating if I should pop to shop or just put in a few peppers.  I think putting in a few peppers will be the cheapest option.  So my stew will have beef, peppers, the veg that I don't know what is, carrot, parsnips and green beans and maybe a few peas as the kids do like them.  They will have theirs with mash, I will probably just have double portion lol

So week 1, day 1 £30/£150 but as you can see I have got a fair bit of meat/veg/salad.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sal x

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