Saturday, 19 October 2013

8am on a Saturday! :o

Evening all

As I said yesterday Lidl have mince for £1 for 500g.  So I went at 8am, I was the only one up.  Got my 6 packs of mince. :D Shopping budget now £92/£150.  That's going up fast!!! :o

I gave the kids the choice of anything for tea and they chose red pasta so I had omelette pizza as it was easy to do.  Didn't have as much toppings as yesterday though but still nice.

B - yogurt
L - sausage, bacon, egg and tinned toms
T - omelette pizza with ham, peppers and sundried tomatoes

Taking the kids to rugby tomorrow morning.  Thankfully its not on early lol

Have a great Saturday night.

Sal x

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