Sunday, 13 October 2013

Just Shove it all in lol


Had a great day yesterday.  Very frugal.  Took the kids to the museum in the morning and had a fab time.  Then in the afternoon took them to my mates allotment to see her chickens.  And whilst I was there she gave me a bag of tomatoes which are currently being turned into sun roasted tomatoes which is so unbelievably easy, I can believe I haven't done it before.  I also got a bag containing sprouts, dragon egg cucumbers and courgettes.

So far I have used all but 1 of the courgettes by making cheese and courgette biscuits for the kids (a huge hit I might add and they don't know there is courgette in them ha ha), I also used 1 in my lunch today.  I cooked some tomatoes last night and doing the rest today so they are all gone.  Sprouts with tea and the dragon egg cucumber we will be having with our salads next week.  RESULT!

Sun roasted tomatoes - cut tomato in half, put on baking tray, sprinkle on salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil (the only olive oil I have is mixed with balsamic vinegar so that went on as well), roast on low, I put it in whilst I was cooking then let the oven cool down with them in and kept in when I cooked more so they were in for a few hours in a warm/hot oven.

So onto my title.  Just shove it all in the pan was my plan for lunch.  Was meant to be bacon, egg and tomatoes but we only have 3 eggs left and they are small so need all of them for the troops Yorkshire pudding later.  Instead I cut up 1 courgette, 1/2 onion, 1/2 green pepper, 2 tomatoes and shoved it all in a frying pan, cooked it up then chucked in bacon pieces and when cooked put cheese on top.  It was really nice. 

Food for today

B - yogurt
L - as above
T - pepper and brandy topside of beef with sprouts, carrot, cauli and broccoli and maybe a bit of parsnip.

Just to be clear about my low budget for food for 5 of us, I am NOT spending it on healthy stuff for me and giving my family rubbish.  We all eat the same except they have potato or pasta or bread with theirs,  I don't, that is the only difference.  Except when I make stuff like I did for lunch today.  They wont eat that but I do try! lol

Hope you have had a great weekend.

Sal x

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