Saturday, 26 October 2013

How Much for Paint.....

Evening all

After running out of paint yesterday we decided to buy more, always a good move when out of paint and lots of painting to do ;-).  B&Q are giving cardholders £10 voucher next week if you spend £50 this weekend.  So off we went thinking we might reach it and what else we could buy to bump it up.  Well, OMG, £30 for a pot of paint!!! :o  We got 2 cream coloured ones and 1 huge ceiling one for £60 as they were on offer 3 for 2.  We will go back when we have the voucher for the 'feature' wall paint. So that's my job for next week, painting as well as entertaining kids for half term. 

Brunch - bacon, sausages, tinned toms and omelette.
T - piri piri chicken with huge salad

We took my little greenhouse down today.  Was worried about the storm and hurricanes that are forecast so it is packed up for the winter ready to come out next year when I have lots of plants to put in it.

Sal x

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