Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pork with No Crackling :o

Evening all

So my walking is now going to increase quite considerably.  My car has issues.  Cannot be driven until hubby fixes it which thankfully he should be able to do (fingers and toes crossed) So school runs/work/shopping will be walking.  Might actually lose this week then! lol

B/L - bacon, eggs and tomatoes
T - pork joint, it was whoopsied to £2.24 but I wont get it again.  Cook in the bag it was in and there was no crackling.  How can you have port joint with no crackling.  Everyone moaned!  Anyway, pork with cabbage, broccoli, carrot, cauli and gravy.

I took the kids to rugby today.  They loved it, I, however, did not love the clothes (and kids) covered head to toe in mud!  Clothes wash and kids in bath as soon as we got home. lol

Will be hoping for a dry day tomorrow (and the rest of the week).

Sal x

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