Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Change is in Order

Evening all

So, I keep reading about people not being able to do low carb due to money.  "Its too expensive to eat that much meat"  "I have to fill up on bread, pasta, potatoes as I can't afford much meat"  Well, we have quite a strict budget and I still low carb so I thought I might add a few budgeting recipes or costing's to show you can low carb on a budget.

Take today for instance.  I had to pop to Asda and they had red peppers for 10p each.  So I bought the last 3.  I had one today for lunch stuffed with a chopped up fried burger (half price in lidl a few months ago that I found in the freezer the other day) with half an onion and topped with cheese.  Very nice it was too.   And whilst picking up a Tesco order for hubby I bought a huge pork joint reduced to £6 which I cut in 2 and froze.  Most people spend more than £6 on the meat for a sunday roast, I have pork for 2 Sunday roasts for £6.  Even hubby (ex butcher) was impressed with that one! lol

As I have quite a lot of food in I will try to do costing's of what I buy and what I know things cost me.  I do get given stuff free, the other week I was given a pumpkin and made a pumpkin soup which was lovely and cheap as the pumpkin was free, the coriander and peppers were in my greenhouse, the onion and carrots were looking a bit manky in the fridge and the stock I bought cheap and is probably out of date (oopppsss).  But the soup was really nice.  Not the lowest of carb but still low carb.

So low carbing on a budget begins......................  Watch this space .........................

Sal x

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