Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whoo Hoo, found another courgette lol

Evening all

I haven't been shopping today, I was at work this morning and got covered in gloop and baby food, all is a days work for me.  Then I had to get some cleaning done and the recycling out.  But I did find another courgette.  So had a one pot meal again for lunch, onion, peppers, courgette, 2 chopped up burgers, tinned toms and hot pepper sauce.  With cheese on top.  Got the pumpkin puree defrosting to make my soup tomorrow.

B - yogurt
L - as above
T - as kids were at football/youthy they ate at 4pm and had spag bol.  So we had pizza (mmmm omelette pizza) for tea.  Obviously hubby had normal lol

So budget still stands at £62/£150 with nearly 3 weeks left :o

I need to scour the charity shops for a Halloween costume.  I have set my budget at £5 and don't mind making it myself but as I have somehow volunteered my services at the kids youth club Halloween party I apparently have to dress up.  So will see what I can get and what I can make!  Will try to steer clear of the usual witch outfit but could well end up going with that lol.

Sal x

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