Friday, 18 October 2013

Almost Worked.......

Evening all

Busy day today, work then shopping (as I was working near Farm Foods) then home to do paperwork.  I got 4 milk, 2 bread and a pack of grapes for £5.80 in Farm Foods.  So another £6 added to my budget.  Tomorrow will be more as Lidl have mince for £1.  You can get 6, I have got 12 when my daughter has been in front of me in the queue.  But as I am only aiming to spend £150 I will stick to 6.  If they have any left when I get there ;-)

B - yogurt
L - pate and cheese salad
T - omelette pizza, and it almost worked, only broke the once.  Here is a little piccy of it :D

As you can see only one break in it.  I think that is because usually after I make the omelette I transfer it into another dish and then add the pizza toppings and put in oven.  This time I added it all and put under the grill so only transferred the omelette pizza once, from frying pan to plate.  Will have to continue to do this.  Maybe I will get it perfect one day lol

Budget £86/£150

Have a great evening

Sal x

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