Monday, 14 October 2013

Oh My........................

Good Evening

I have had the best tea ever! And it was a huge hit with the kids.  Chicken fajitas (lettuce not wraps for me) with a huge salad and one the salad I put my sun dried tomatoes.  In the salad I used dragon egg cucumber.  Very nice.  And I took piccy's..........

Here is the inside of my wrap.  Chicken, onion, peppers with cheese and mayo.

And here is my finished tea, huge salad, the second wrap went a bit wrong, but very tasty nonetheless.


So, I also went shopping today.  Spent £12 and got huge pack of ham, bread, eggs, milk, sugar, lettuce, yogurts, apples and some other things.  I don't need any shopping for a few days, hoping to go until Thursday or maybe even Friday.
Budget £62/£150
B - yogurt
L - another throw in the pan meal, I fried up onion, peppers and courgette with 2 cut up burgers, then added tinned toms that I had left from weekend and the hot sauce I was given off my mate today :D, bit of cheese on top, lovely lovely lovely
T - as above and the chicken, I used 3 breasts from the pack of 6 from farmfoods and there was loads of it.  I probably could have just used 2 but we are pigs (well, I am ;-) so used 3)
Back to my crochet.
Sal x

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