Thursday, 10 October 2013

I Love Lidl


So, as Lidl had cereal on offer and I have 3 monkeys who eat cereal, I popped in before work.  I love it there.  Here is my shop:

6 pack Tomatoes                       £0.69
Pack 3 Mixed Peppers               £0.89
2 x Cucumber (huge ones)        £0.90
Cherry Toms                             £0.65
Honey & nut cornflakes            £1.15
Frosted Flakes                           £1.15
Oats (500g)                               £0.39
2ltr 100% apple juice                £1.39
Toothbrushes                             £1.25

Then off to Asda.  I spent £12ish.  I am not going to list everything but I got 4 x cheese, 2 x mayo, 2 x tom sauce, 2 x mars funsize (for the kids), carrots, red onions, 2 x squash and some sweets for the kiddies, OK so I did list everything lol. 

So that's £20 today.  I do have to pop to Tesco for toothpaste tomorrow but that comes out of a different budget. 

And today I have eaten:

B - yogurt
L - leftover stew
T - Gammon (we had whoopsie and kids had farmfoods and am quite impressed with how big the farmfoods ones are) with huge salad.

We are all stocked up on everything, got loads of fruit/veg/salad/milk/meat/cheese and store cupboard stuff.  Certainly enough to last until Monday lol.

Updated money £50/£150

Sal x

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