Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Having a Beer! Sod the Carbs lol

Evening all

I feel like collapsing!  Busy day today.  Ironing and then painting.  The dinning room and living room are ready for the 'real' paint now :D  I am ready for bed but I am having a beer as I do feel like I deserve one especially as I got covered in paint (too much paint on roller when I did the ceiling) then got a phone call so the paint dried on me (face/hair/clothes) and then I had to shoot up the school to pick my daughter up, I was and still am covered in paint!

B - yogurt and raspberries, very nice
L - rack of ribs with cheese and coleslaw
T - sausage casserole - sausages with carrots, parsnips, cabbage, peas and green beans.  Lovely.  The kids wolfed it down.  I have a portion left for my lunch tomorrow.

My asthma is really bad tonight but I think that's because I was dusting before painting and the paint.  Just taken my inhaler so will be ok soon.

Sal x

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