Friday, 8 February 2013

All You Can Eat?

Evening all

Had a bit of a high carb evening.  MIL is visiting so we went to the pub with free soft play for the kids and all you can eat fish shop :o

B - yogurt (strawberry muller corner - oooppppssss)
L - ham and chicken in mayo with salad
T - fish in batter (lots and lots), 2 sausages in batter and a few peas (no chips though even though they looked quite nice :D)

Drinks - 3 buckets of tea and 1 beer and 2 glasses of wine

Exercise - none, didnt even move much in work

Joints - fine today

Asthma - fine

We are going for all you can eat breakfast tomorrow.  Lots of bacon and eggs for me :D  Then a walk (roll) around the seaside if its not raining.  Dont know whats happening rest of day, MIL was meant to be having kids tomorrow night but she did make a comment thats its only for when they are asleep so we can get a good nights sleep but the kids sleep through???  We were hoping for a date night.  We have not been out, just the 2 of us since before I got pregnant with ds1.  He is 8 and a half now so over 9 years without a 'date' with my husband :o  Think I have got round it and said we were going to the pub near her hotel for an hour just to make sure kids settle with her ;-D

Sal x

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