Sunday, 10 February 2013

Today I Had All You Can Eat Breakfast

Evening all

We decided today that  we would go for the all the you can breakfast.  I ate a lot and very nice it was too. :D

B - Lots of bacon (6 rashers), 3 fried egg, scrambled egg, tinned toms, 1 sausage and 2 bowls of fruit (I know, I shouldnt have had the fruit but it was really nice, i forgot how much I like fruit but had my fix so should be alright for another year or so)
L - nothing after all that!
T - ham and cheese in mayo, not much though, did you see what I ate for breakfast?????

Drinks - endless cups of tea (came with breakfast), glass of wine

Exercise - none except a walk back from lidl when I bought 20 bars of 17p chocolate :o

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Such a tiring weekend, fell asleep this afternoon for the first half of the rugby.  Might just finish my wine and watch the end of Kindergarten Cop (love a bit of Arnie) and then bed.  I have work in the morning and making a roast for tea tomorrow, would not have been able to eat that today after breakfast.

Sal x

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