Saturday, 9 February 2013

BOGOF Steak :o

Evening all

As we were all pretty stuffed from last night still, this morning we decided not to go out for breakfast.  We did, however, go out for tea.  Buy On Get One Free in steak in the pub, my eldest son (8 years old) had one as well and ate the lot :o

B - bacon, fried egg and tinned toms
L - none, ate late as had to go shopping to buy breakfast
T - 8 oz sirloin with salad and 5 battered onion rings

Drinks - 3 buckets of tea, 1 pint fosters and 1/2 bottle red wine

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

We didnt get date night, after tea we went to pub with free soft play and had  the red wine, kids running about until 10.30pm then back to nanny's hotel room to sleep.  So too late for us to go out, just came home. 

Maybe in a few years we will get a date night :D

Sal x

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