Friday, 15 February 2013

Does Ring a Ring of Roses Count as Exercise???

Evening all (or night as the case may be)

I was at work this morning, I like my fridays, the kids are brilliant and there are a few so not boring.  Well, they all loved ring a ring of roses so we had to do that several times, I lost count after 6! :o  I am sure that must count as exercise as I was moving ;-D

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese with salad
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - 3 buckets of tea, 1 cidre and on 2nd glass of wine

Exercise - see above re: ring a ring of roses lol

Joints - ok

Asthma - starting to feel it now, need my inhaler. :(

Half term this week.  Hopefully lots of walking and having fun with the kids.  Planning on walking to arcade tomorrow as kids have earnt arcade money with their behaviour. :D  Thats all the 5p's from the jar gone!  Just need something to put the 1p's in now!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Sal x

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