Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bad, Bad Day for Food


Bad day for food.  Took the kids to a mammal workshop this morning and had to do a woodland walk and then built bat boxes.  Ds2 with the hammer again, he impressed the staff there anyway, just scared me! lol

B - yogurt (shop bought, I looked at the carb count and OMG more than 20g in 1 yogurt so I wont be having any more of them! )
L - 1 slice of tea loaf, was freezing from this morning and the kitchen was cold so had the quickest thing I could find.
T - kfc which isnt too bad as i only ate chicken. 

Drinks - tea, cider and later on wine

Joints - ok even with the cold

Asthma - ok but forgot my inhaler and chemist shut tomorrow so might be a bad day

Dont think I have got warm all day from this morning.  Might have to grab a blanket in a bit and try to warm up.

Sal x

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