Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Taco Shells Tut Tut Tut


Look at me posting on time again :D 

We had tacos for tea today, I did not like the shells, glad I had them but wont have them again.  Kids loved them though and its the quickest dd has eaten tea for years!!!! lol

B - ham
L - chicken and colesalw
T - tacos

Drinks - 2 buckets of tea and 1 pint water

Joints - my big toe keeps clicking :o

Asthma - ok today

I bought a ham shank last week from the new farm shop, got loads of ham off it, well impressed.  But it does mean that I have to go again, and the butcher was quite scary and kept telling me prices in old money.  But the lamb did 2 days and there was loads of ham.  So I have to really!  I should take hubby as he used to be a butcher and instead of looking blank when spoken to, he will know what is being said! lol

Sal x

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