Tuesday, 12 February 2013



I am so tired.  Not sleeping properly.  I feel asleep just before having to take my daughter to dancing, luckily my youngest shouted at his ds and woke me up so we rushed out.

B - yogurt
L - ham, chicken and cheese in mayo with salad
T - Chicken in taco seasoning with cheese grated on top with salad

Drinks - 3 buckets of tea and 1 pint squash (might have a sneaky jd before bed)

Exercise - walked on school run :o

Joints - ok

Asthma - starting to get a wheezy feeling now, but been fine all day and could be due to inhaling wool again, need to get the scarf finished and stop using such fluffy wool :D

Hhhhmmmm, can I actually be bothered to pour myself a drink or shall I just go straight to bed.  Decisions, decisions......

Sal x

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