Monday, 4 February 2013

High Carb Day


We had lamb yesterday so needed to use the leftovers today.  I decided to make sheperds pie with it.  But I didnt think I had much lamb so bulked it out with green lentils, carrots and peas.  Way too high carb for me but all healthy carbs so I am not going to stress about it.  And I did have enough lamb.  Ate loads :o  And all the kids ate it without complaining :o

B - ham (i know, but i really didnt have time/couldnt be bothered)
L - spicy chicken and coleslaw
T - sheperds pie with brocolli

Drinks - 2 buckets of tea and 1pint water

Joints - fingers aching today but i have done some knitting with dd earlier

Asthma - starting to get bad but i feel like i have breathed in wool :(

We are predicted snow again, cant decide if i am happy about that or not....

Sal x

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