Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wot No Chocolate? But its Valentines Day?

Evening all

I hope you are all having a lovely valentines day and being spoilt or spoiling yourselves.

My hubby (who didnt get me anything for xmas) got me a pink onsie, fluffy boot slippers and smellies so is now forgiven for xmas. :D  I got him a stress ball in the shape of a boob! lol

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with St Agur cheese and salad (and a few onion rings)

Drinks - 3 buckets of tea and waiting for kids to go to bed and then having a glass of wine :D

Exercise - none

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

We are watching football tonight.  So romantic!  So I think I will have to get my 50p book out and do a bit of reading. :D 

Sal x

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