Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Football = Wine

Evening all

So, England were playing Brazil today.  Its a rule, football means I read my book (50p in Asda yesterday) and have choccy and wine.  I didnt have the choccy but I did have a glass of wine and read 2 chapters in the book.  :D

B - ham and fried egg
L - chicken and coleslaw
T - sausage casserole and broccoli (the sausage casserole was sausages, carrots, peas, onion in a sauce so a bit carb)

Drinks - 4 buckets of tea, 1 pint water and 1.5 glasses of red wine

Joints - not noticed any aching today

Asthma - been fine

Do any of you get nervous when your kids are very well behaved.  My eldest (8) has thanked me for tea, telling me it was lovely :o and has made similar comments about other stuff I have given him.  Now, he is polite and always says thank you but this extra 'that meal was lovely mummy' is really starting to unnearve me.  He must be after something big, its been going on for a few days! :o   lol

Sleep well

Sal x

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