Friday, 22 February 2013

Wine, Wine and more Wine

Evening all

So the wine bottle is now open.  And although I would love to drink excessively, I dont want the hangover (especially when I have to get the kids out to a freezing cold park in the morning) and I dont want the munchies the excessive wine will give me.  So should probably say wine, maybe a bit more wine and then water water and more water. lol

B - yogurt
L - ham and salad
T - omelette piza

Drinks - orange juice, tea, water and wine

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok considering my inhaler ran out last night, must remember tomorrow to pick another one up.

Still got a cold, am now drinking orange juice with echinasea in it first thing to try to get rid of it and taking nose spray, but that is making my nose sore so cant keep taking it. :(

Anyhoo, back to my wine :D

Sal x

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