Monday, 29 October 2012

3 Square Meals - Back to normal :D

Evening all

Had a really good day food wise today.  Feel a bit stuffed now, but could not stop eating crackling! :D

B - cheese omelette, very dissapointing after stilton so stilton now in fridge ready for tomorrow
L - avodaco, ham and cheese in mayo with salad.  It looked so nice I took a photo
T - Roast pork (with crackling - oh yes! :D), green beans, cabbage and carrots.  I am allowing myself carrots a few times a week.  But other than that still sticking with what I have been doing and see how that goes.

Snacks - none

Drinks - 3 cups of tea and 2 pints water

Exercise - does rushing around all day count? lol

Joints - aching, i need to cut out tomatoes again :(

Asthma - still not quite right after last night but no bad either - makes no sense i know

Feel so much better when I know I have eaten 3 meals a day, as yogurt for breakfast and nothing until tea really isnt enough, I know that, but still do it.  And I did enjoy my lunch today.

Tomorrow we are carving 3 pumpkins so I will have the seeds and flesh to make pumpkin soup out of and the seeds will need to dry over night and then be baked for 20 mins for a snack.  Maybe that will be good for when I dont have time to eat lunch.  Or I could crush them up and put them on my salads! :D   Must try different seasoned ones as well.  Might have to buy more pumpkins........

Sal x

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