Saturday, 13 October 2012

Not A Lot


Not eaten much today.  Am thinking it was due to the sheridons I drank last night.  Dont know the carb count and dont want to, none left anyway. lol

B - nothing
L - ham and cheese
T - few chips

snacks - none

drinks - 3 cups of tea and tia maria with pepsi max

exercise - none

joints - been ok

asthma - was  a bit bad earlier but hubby got loads of dusty stuff down so am blaming that

Not felt like eating today, didnt have hangover but did still feel bloated from the creamy part of the sheridons.  And forgot to defrost something earlier for tea so it was a case of just grabbing something.  Roast tomorrow as long as I remember to get it out of freezer tonight!  :D

Sal x

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