Thursday, 11 October 2012

Went to the Butchers Today


I have stocked up on meat!  Went to my butchers today and spent £56 on

Potatoes (cant stop hubby and the kids eating them, got at least a months worth)
36 eggs
2 x bacon shanks (doubled in price since i last went :o )
8 chorizio burers
4 spicy half pound burgers
8 usa burgers
3 minted lamb chops
back of bacon
3 x chickens
huge shoulder of pork cut into 3
leg of lamb
2 x gammon joints
14 normal sausages

This should keep me going for a month! lol  And then when taking something back to A$da I got 4 lamb chops reduced from £8 to £2!  Freezer jam packed with meat and still a bit of veg.  :D  Not got much money now so my meals wont have as much veg/salad as usual.  But will see how it goes.  I really need lidl to have mince on their half price weekend deals soon! lol

B - hm yogurt
L - ham salad
T - choizio burgers with cheese and salad

Snacks - none

Drinks - 2 cups of tea and 2 pints water

Exercise - 30 mins brisk walking

joints - been ok

asthma - fine again today

I have noticed that since eating that choccy I am not sleeping as well at night as I was and I am also getting that 2pm wanting to nap feeling.    Hopefully things will get back to normal shortly.

Sal x

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