Friday, 5 October 2012

Choccy, Choccy and More Choccy


So, its my 12 year wedding anniversary.  Wow, 12 years!  I had work this morning (I love my new job), then visited my friend and then went shopping for wine for tonight.  Whilst in a particular supermarket I spotted Gentleman Jack that hubby has spoken about on several occasions on offer so got it for him.  Well, I have worked 2 mornings this week that were unplanned so will have extra money and hubby is a very happy man. (so hopefully less moaning for a few days at least lol).  Hubby gave me the tin of roses, and yes I have eaten far too many.  And yes I am drinking wine and yes we had takeaway.

B - homemade choccy yogurt (not the best but quick and easy and dd wanted me to make it)
L - nothing, didnt get time
T - parmo (could have been worse, could have had pizza, infact wish I had as that is the worst parmo I have ever had - not really had that many, only moved 'up north' 5 years ago but still not the best!)

Snacks - roses (the choccy not the flowers lol) and 2 haribo sweets that Wanda brought round for the kids

Drinks - 3 cups of tea, 2 pear cidre's and a glass of wine

Exercise - not today

Joints - thumb aching a bit today

Asthma - fine

Not been a bad day, dd and ds1 make us anniversary cards when they got home from school.  Ds2 was too busy playing cars with Wanda the Wicked Witch Sock Monkey but at least he was entertained! :D

Sal x

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