Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Almost saw the sun rise....


Another good day here.  I managed to walk to the beach this morning.  Not quite the time for the sun rise but this is what I saw when I got to the promanade.

Hopefully I will be able to see a few nice sun rises in the next week or so.
B - cheese omelette
L - ham salad
T - chicken in fajita seasoning with salad
Lots of salad today :D
Snacks - none
Drinks - 1 cup of tea (1/2 teaspoon sugar - really no point so wont bother tomorrow), 4 pints water
Exercise - 35 minute brisk walk
Joints - fine today
Asthma - 1 attack (dont know what caused it)
After saying about my sleeping being better yesterday, I seem to have a problem with it.  I was very tired by 10pm last night so went to bed.   Well, I was awake and wanting to get up at 5am :o  This is not good!!!  I couldnt get up as I didnt want to wake everyone else up and really, 5am, not a good time to get up.  But I didnt go back to sleep so have been awake since 5.  The problem is that I am now getting tired and I dont want to go to bed until 11 really as I would like to sleep to as close as 6.30am as possible.  
Think I had better start doing stuff and wake myself up a bit. :D
Sal x

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