Saturday, 8 September 2012

What a Start to the Weekend :D

Like I said above.  What a start to the weekend.  This was my breakfast this morning (fried egg got a bit destroyed as my pan isnt non stick)
After being rudely awoken at 7.15am by the postman, I got up.  Usually I would go back to bed tired and just lay there listening to the kids and trying to get enough energy to get up.  But today, I was awake and felt awake so got up. :D  Then popped to lidl as they have cheese on offer and got their chipolata sausages (only 1.7g carbs per 100g).   
B - as above :D
L - bit of gammon and cheese as not very hungry
T - pork chop with huge salad
snacks - none
drinks - 1 cup of tea, 1 pint weak squash, 3 pints water
Exercise - 30 min walk
Joints - fingers only started to ache after I absent mindidly started clicking them
Asthma - bad this afternoon but I have been sorting more dusty stuff so I think that is why
I did have  a drink last night but obviouly not much otherwise I wouldnt have got up this morning at that ungodly hour!!!!!!! :D  
So apart from 2 really annoying things this morning which were 1) the doorbell working today for the first time in months and 2) postman coming at 7.15 when during the week its 2.30pm!!!!  I have had a good day. 
Might have another drinkie tonight and keep it low carb again.
Sal x

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