Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oooppsss I did it again..


Ok, so another day with pizza, but it was leftover and I couldnt leave it or chuck it out and no one else would eat it cos I have mine a bit too spicy for everyone else!

B - nothing, forgot to get berries out and was still a bit bloated from last night
L - cheese salad
T - leftover pizza

Snacks - none

Drinks - 2 cups of tea and a few beers

Exercise - walking round asda twice??????????????

Joints - ok

Asthma - just took my inhaler but dont feel too bad, just didnt want it to progress into anything

Been thinking about what I have eaten this week (did I say I didnt lose any this week, stayed the same as Monday) and I think the excuses reasons are that 1, I havent drank enough water, 2, I havent been consistant with eating proper meals and 3, I am eating a lot of cheese.  So I know what to work on next week. :D

Sal x

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